Celebrating 60 Years

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Our Story

It all started 60 years ago when two friends from high school joined together to start a business that operated out of the old Ebeling Dairy in Almont, Michigan. Bob Ligon and Gene Lane started making small trim clip prototypes in Gene’s home oven and over time turned this small two-man operation into a multinational corporation. From the start, Bob and Gene generated a strong foundation of values that have carried on throughout L&L’s 60 years. The company today prides itself on Being a Good Place for All Who Touch it, which includes employees, customers, suppliers, and the local communities. Today L&L has reached 1000+ global employees, 15 global locations, and 8 manufacturing facilities.

See What We Have Accomplished

  • 1958

    1st operations were in the 900 sq ft Ebeling Dairy in Almont, Michigan

  • 1961

    Built first plant on Van Dyke north of Romeo

  • 1966

    Invented Joggers for coating and adhering bolts to fasteners

  • 1982

    Developed sheet extrusion and die cutting capabilities

  • 1984

    First baffle part

  • 1987

    13200 sq ft R&D building expansion behind North

  • 1992

    Mini applicator XiP developed

  • 1994 - 1995

    Developed structural tapes L-2779 and L-5001

  • 1996

    Opened plant in Strasbourg, France

  • 1998

    First injection molded CBS materials and nylon

  • 1998

    L&L celebrates 40 years

  • 2006

    Started L&L Products of China

  • 2008

    L&L celebrates 50 years

  • 2016

    Developed innovative room temperature curing sealing and bonding technology platforms for Commercial Vehicle customers

  • 2016

    Romeo plant builds 76,000 sq ft of additional warehouse space

  • 2016

    L&L launches TRI-Seal, by introducing rigid spheres into expandable sealant material

  • 2017

    Joint venture in India becomes wholly owned subsidiary

  • 2017

    Team Brazil celebrates a relocation to a new 88,000 sq ft manufacturing facility

  • 2018

    L&L Products celebrates 60 years of innovation

A Few Words From Our Staff...

  • L&L gives us opportunities and encourages us to always do our best. L&L invests a lot in its employees and by doing so, makes us feel as if we are also owners.

    Paulo Roberto

    Supply Chain Coordinator | L&L Products Brazil since 2014

    The list of reasons why I enjoy working at L&L could go on forever, but really, it is the people. When the pace is crazy and timelines are tight, things can get tense, but the people are amazing. Their incredible sense of humor and positivity makes anything possible.

    Kim Osborn

    Supplier Quality Representative | L&L Products USA since 1983

    L&L has a long honorable history and offers a fair opportunity to every employee. It is a real family. Colleagues support each other and contribute to the same Vision and Values.

    Asta Lv

    Logistics Manager | L&L Products China since 2008

    I enjoy working at L&L because the Company is not afraid to invest in new technologies or new markets. I really appreciate the diversification approach that encourages us to try other technologies and cross-fertilize them with our actual competencies.

    Vincent Duclos

    Scientist | L&L Products Europe since 2004 working at L&L Products USA since 2016

  • I was attracted to join L&L because the position was new and challenging to me, the company is global, and the culture and work ethic are excellent. Our team is encouraged and empowered to come up with captivating and creative approaches to problem solving. The unstinting support from senior leadership also plays a vital role in driving our success.

    Manish Taxak

    Head of Product & Process Development | L&L Products India since 2015

    Congratulations to L&L on your 60 years anniversary.
    We are very glad to have a business partnership with L&L Products. Your vision, quality, unique expertise, and relationships with your colleagues creates a whole different perspective. From Production to the Management team, L&L Products always reveals the difference in their quality and business partnership.

    H.Şebnem Çizmen

    Sales Development Manager | ATAFreight | Turkey

    To be good place for all who touch it’ is our corporate purpose. I totally agree with that expression. I am proud to invite our partners and (potential) customers visiting our facilities, because they always walk out the door with a very good impression about the way we work and confirming our values.

    Erwin Deleeuw

    Market Development Manager | L&L Products EMEA since 2017

    I joined L&L Products Europe in 2009, looking for new adventures. First thing it impressed me? Each time you turn, you can practice another language! Since then I learned a lot and I had the opportunity to share my ideas and my work with exceptional people. The initial spirit from Bob Ligon and Gene Lane is alive at L&L Products, making a "small company" big.

    Nuria Ignes I Mullol

    Structural Products Engineering Manager | L&L Products EMEA since 2009

  • During the last 10 years that I have worked for L&L, this great company has been successfully growing a lot all over the world. With new production sites and a lot more employees worldwide, L&L achieved to maintain a familiar atmosphere and a close relationship in-between the different global regions. In today’s world with a lot of dynamics and turbulence, this is a wonderful achievement.

    Manuel Grimme

    Key Account Manager | L&L Products EMEA since 2008