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Mechanical Design Engineer

FulltimeRomeo, MI Posted on June 10, 2021

Duties / Responsibilities of this position include: 

  • Create mechanical equipment and tooling that will result in the ability to meet customer's needs.  Must understand the function, timing, cost and overall value for the end user.
  • Design and detail equipment and tooling in a manner that clearly meets the all critical objectives.  Must take into account the safety, ergonomics, cycle time, robustness, ease of setup, maintainability and manufacturability of the design.
  • Designs must be modeled in 3D CAD and fully detailed. Format is to be consistent with industry standards and able to be supplied local build sources.
  • Obtain and evaluate sub-components required in the construction of tooling and equipment. Create a scope of work, initiate purchases and follow-up on items that are needed for projects.  
  • Develop quotations for all new and modified tooling and equipment. Quote to include cost as well as lead time to design, manufacture and run-off tooling and equipment. Quote to also include the expected material yield, the number of technicians required for the operation and the establishment of the rate at which parts can be produced.
  • Manage and direct outside design/build sources in cases where projects cannot be fully designed or built internally.
  • Direct and coordinate activities involved in fabrication, operation, installation, and repair of tooling and equipment. Visit suppliers as necessary to keep builds on-time and on-target.
  • Establish and document operating, safety, and preventive maintenance guidelines.
  • Train users in the safe and efficient operation of tooling and equipment. Support creation of work instructions and training aids as required.


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in a Mechanical Engineering discipline preferred
  • Experience considered in lieu of degree
  • CAD Experience (2D & 3D) – Solidworks preferred
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge of Mechanical systems, examples may include:
    • Machine Design
    • Strength of Materials (Stress/Strain relationships, etc.)
    • Statics/Dynamics/Kinematics
    • Pneumatics/Hydraulics/Fluid Mechanics
    • Metallurgy/Heat Treating/Coatings
    • Fits/Finishes
    • SolidWorks


Core Competencies:

  • Performance Driven
  • Communication 
  • Customer Centric
  • Passion/Values
  • Innovation
  • Safety/Sustainability
  • Collaboration 
  • Expertise


Physical Demand Analysis:

  • Occasional lifting, pushing and pulling up to 45 lbs.
  • Occasional carrying up to 45 lbs.
  • Frequent climbing stairs
  • Frequent use of small handheld tools
  • Frequent computer work using keyboard and mouse
  • Frequent sitting at desk
  • Frequent use of computer monitor
  • Frequent standing and walking
  • Occasional bending, stooping, twisting or balancing
  • Rare crawling or kneeling


Environmental Conditions:

  • Inside Work – continuous 
  • Outside Work – occasional
  • Hot/Cold – occasional 
  • Humid/Dry – occasional
  • Dust/Vapor Fumes – rare 
  • Hazardous Machines – rare
  • Moving Objects – rare 
  • Loud Noise – rare


Never = Not Required/Never (0%)

Rare = Seldom/Rare (Not daily – 1-10%)

Occasional = Minor/Occasional (Less than 3 hours – 11-33%)

Frequent = Required/Frequent (For 3-5 hours – 34-64%)

Continuous = Major/Continuous (More than 5 hours – 64-100%)