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Toolmaker/CNC Machinist

FulltimeRomeo, MI Posted on September 20, 2021

Job Description

Would you like to work for a company where ambitious spirits and creativity thrive? L&L Products offers a culture that grows talent and flourishes with innovation. It is a place where you are encouraged take control of your own professional development by using L&L’s extensive training opportunities to craft solutions to the industry’s hottest problems. Here is where quality of work, product and relationships are a priority. 
L&L Products is built on the basic philosophy that good people working together, listening to each other’s ideas with an open mind and everyone wanting to do a little better each day will ensure our success. Our existence is full of wise principles, sacrifices and victories, laughs, and lasting memories that tell exactly who we are. How we came to be the great company, the caring family that we are today.

Duties / Responsibilities of this position:

  • Working in a safe and efficient manner. Work with appropriate personnel to resolve these issues quickly.
  • Effective interpretation of drawings and specifications for use to manufacture and/or repair tooling.
  • Efficient use of equipment and cutting tools. To include mills, lathes, grinders, and basic tool room equipment.
  • Machining and assembling of tools and mechanical machines.
  • Program necessary CNC tool paths with efficiency along with best speeds and feeds.
  • Interpret .dwg and .stp files, MasterCam experience for part programming.
  • Maintain a high level of organization and cleanliness appropriate with the plant 5S standards.
  • Repairs and improvements or tools and mechanical machines toward the attainment of machine capability to specifications.
  • Completion of all associated documents including work order systems and business management systems.
  • Contribute to the plant continuous improvement efforts
  • Discuss drawings and specifications with the Facilities and Maintenance Manager, engineering personnel, or any other personnel that may help in clarification and interpretation.
  • Request equipment as needed to machine and assemble tools and machinery. Use any available equipment for which the individual is qualified, as needed to efficiently machine and assemble tools and machinery. Request additional resources as needed to complete the machining and assembly.
  • Shut down & lock out any piece of equipment deemed unsafe until the proper corrective actions have been made.
  • Request training on hazardous waste handling and spill procedures.  Properly handle wastes generated from tooling activities.


Environmental Responsibilities:

  • Maintain familiarization with proper safety/spill protocols and hazardous/controlled handling procedure.
  • The proper handling of any wastes as generated from tool making and machine building activities.


Expectations / Key Performance Indicators:

  • Tooling/projects on time
  • Finished part dimensional verification
  • Good verbal and electronic communication (email, verbal)
  • Desire to continue with education and training related to this position


Job Requirements:


  • High school diploma or GED
  • 5 Years’ manufacturing experience
  • Journeyman status and/or 7-10years tool room experience
  • Machine building experience
  • Understanding of:
    • Metallurgy, cutting feeds, and speeds
    • Fabrication and welding
    • Blueprint reading
    • Mechanical assembly
    • CNC equipment setup and operation
    • MasterCam module experience
    • Familiar with Fanuc posts and processes
    • Vertical CNC experience, EDM wire a plus
    • Manual mill, lathe and grinding experience
  • Ability to efficiently work within CMMS systems



  • Team collaboration with others toward a shared goal, participates actively, shares responsibility and rewards, and contributes to the capability of the team.
  • Achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved.
  • Establishes priorities to map out a course of action to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Uses a logical reasoning process to break down and work through a situation or problem to arrive at an outcome.
  • Demonstrates proficiency with Microsoft Office applications.


Physical Demands Analysis:

  • Occasional lifting, pushing and pulling up to 50 lbs.
  • Occasional carrying up to 55 lbs.
  • Frequent use of small handheld tools
  • Frequent computer work using keyboard and mouse
  • Occasional use of computer monitor
  • Frequent standing and walking