Giving Back

The foundation helps applicants to obtain an education they might not have achieved without support.


Supporting the community with the L&L foundations

As a proud supporter of the communities where we are based, the L&L Foundations have provided financial support for education in the form of grants and scholarships for many years.
It all started with the L&L Educational Foundation in 1987. Robert M. Ligon and W. Eugene Lane, the Founders of L&L Products, created a charitable foundation to help L&L Family Members with the cost of adult education.

In 2018, the L&L Products Foundation was established by the children and grandchildren of Mr. Ligon and Mr. Lane to support L&L Family Members located outside of the USA.

The Foundations’ goal is to provide educational scholarships to as many worthy applicants as possible each year. The program helps to support the cost of attendance at a college, university, business school, technical college, vocational school, or similar educational institution to prepare for or to enhance a career.

Wherever possible, the Foundations also endeavor to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs and other educational tools in local schools through a grant program.

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