Our People

To be a good place for all who touch it

Since the beginning, the founders of L&L Products Gene Lane and Bob Ligon have held a deep appreciation for the L&L employees. They believe it is the people here that make it happen. We meet challenges together, solve problems together, and enjoy opportunities together — we grow together.

At L&L Products, we are proud of who we are. Our people work together to achieve a common goal, “To be a good place for all who touch it, where quality of work, product, and relationships are a priority.” We are built on the basic philosophy that good people working together, listening to each other’s ideas with an open mind and everyone wanting to do a little better each day will ensure our success.

We empower our people by providing appropriate training for personal development and a good career path. Our success is our people’s success and results are shared among all. By operating a good reward and recognition policy, our people maintain a high level of motivation and dedication so growth can occur both individually and as a team.

Our existence is full of wise principles, sacrifices and victories, laughs, and lasting memories that tell exactly who we are. How we came to be the great company, the caring family that we are today.

Tomorrow, like yesterday, is up to us.