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Our material solutions enhance applications from renowned OEMs all over the globe. We tailor them to meet the needs of our clients while fulfilling all safety regulations. More often than not, our products figure prominently in a wide range of target applications offering thermal or acoustic benefits, reinforcing the part or providing excellent seal and bonding properties.

New technologies. New challenges.

With the rise of electric vehicles, concerns about acoustic packages in cars arose in our industry, as the disappearance of the internal combustion engine changes the car’s overall noise spectrum. It was assumed that acoustic barriers and absorbers would be needed less, or not at all, in future.

The reality turned out to be completely different. The engine noise spectrum helped to cover a lot of other noises that then appeared clearly and turned out to be uncomfortable for passengers – not due to their volume, but due to frequencies caused by electrical motors, converters, and controllers. Noises from the HVAC system – unnoticeable in traditional engines – turned out to be especially bothersome in the passenger cell of electric vehicles. These new acoustic challenges are not only exclusive to the market of electric cars. OEMs of ICE vehicles are also struggling with these challenges, which are very difficult to tackle.

Nevertheless, the automotive acoustic insulation market expects to see growth with a CAGR of 5% through 2025. Acoustic solutions will need to be much more technical and better engineered, with an increased need for highly efficient acoustic materials and parts.

DECI-TEX® solving acoustic issues

L&L Product’s DECI-TEX® T-Series Technology can provide a perfect solution to reduce HVAC noises. Its thermoformed D-TN65 material can easily replace plastic air-ducts, decreasing the noise level of the HVAC unit and the related air flow noises. Trials with acoustic labs, tiers, and OEMs have shown a decrease of up to 3dB, which means cutting the noise level by half. The first serial application was for the new Porsche 911, and several projects are now in development with OEMs directly or through tier ones.

The success of the D-TN65-based solutions is not linked to the acoustic performance of the material alone, but also to its additional features, such as weight saving, recyclability, and enhanced processability. On top of that, the customer service provided by L&L Products is making a true difference. L&L Products is the only supplier able to provide full support from  material choice and concept design and validation to delivery of the serial part.


DECI-TEX® comes in three different series: DECI-TEX® V-Series, DECI-TEX® T-Series, DECI-TEX® X-Series.

DECI-TEX® V-Series is a vertically lapped fiber-based acoustic technology that yields a broad range of products that can all be tuned and engineered for customer-specific applications. It offers a unique value proposition founded on premium acoustic performance at lower weights with less material usage compared to competitive products. 

DECI-TEX® T-Series offers a composite non-woven material giving a shape to the acoustic solution through thermoforming into a 3D part of the material. The unique combination of tunable acoustic performance, weight saving, and recyclability offers the perfect fit with the mega trends in the automotive industry, and especially for electric vehicles. Acoustically efficient airducts or quiet hush-panels are typical applications. 

DECI-TEX® X-Series are horizontal fiber-oriented structures designed to enhance layered thermal performance. This flexible material is non-toxic, has excellent resistance to high temperature, and low shrinkage. It also has excellent chemical and biological resistance. It is typically used in dry-wrapping structural steel and other heat-protection applications in the automotive industry. 

DECI-TEX® V-Series
DECI-TEX® T-Series
DECI-TEX® X-Series
Truck Under Cab Insulator

L&L CBS (Composite Body Solutions)

Composite Body Solutions enable lightweight body structures without compromising overall performance of the application. The technology combines a highly engineered structural adhesive material (also known as structural foam) that is heat-activated and expandable with a polyamide carrier. We thereby create a tailor-made reinforcement solution that strengthens specific areas of a structure. 

CBS technology offers lighter and more efficient structures providing stiffness and increased safety. 

CBS (Composite Body Solutions)
CBS (Composite Body Solutions)
Innovation made reality.
CBS in today’s body in white.

Structural car body inserts such as those developed by L&L Products under the general name of CBS (composite body solutions) were introduced 20 years ago as an innovative solution for body in white reinforcement.

Today, this innovation has become reality: our CBS parts improve safety, NVH, and the fatigue life of vehicles, and also reduce vehicle weight and manufacturing operations. CBS is ideally suited to reinforce BiW nodes.

The use of an organic carrier offers great design freedom, making 3D reinforcements possible even in areas with complex assembly situations. The expandable adhesive can be placed so that a connection on the four faces is achieved.

With early involvement in the development, the lightweight cost is neutral (same cost as a traditional metallic structure) or even negative (reduced cost compared to a traditional metallic structure). This is achieved by enhancing existing geometries, replacing less effective parts, and using synergies between materials.

Over the years, our CBS products have evolved to serve new market requirements. For example, structural and acoustic functions have been combined and new materials with improved properties for energy-absorption have been introduced – both features figure prominently in new powertrains such as electric vehicles and meet the latest safety regulations.

Example of Serial Application Areas​

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