L&L Products Eliminates Read-Through / Shrink Marks Using a Methacrylate Structural Adhesive

Romeo, Michigan, September 2, 2019 – Earlier this year L&L Products launched the L&L Bond A-K321 and A-K322 Methacrylate structural adhesives.

AK321 and AK322

These highly fast curing, ultra-low odor adhesives achieve a superior peel resistance of >14N/mm without sacrificing strength, elongation or modulus, while having the ability to fill gaps up to 100mm.

In the market, these two products have been recognized to bring additional value when bonding reinforcements on large surfaces with limited thickness. The standard Methacrylate adhesives show shrinkage during the curing process of more than 16%, which often results in read-through of the reinforcement onto the surface. This is an undesirable attribute.

A-K321 and A-K322 significantly reduce shrinkage versus the standard commercially available Methacrylate adhesives and have been proven in multiple applications to bond ABC/PC and GRP materials with a perfect surface without any shrink marks.

AK321 and AK322 Article

A-K321 and A-K322 will be presented during the Composites Europe show in Stuttgart from September 10-12 at booth 7C72.

For more information on A-K321 and A-K322, contact L&L’s Market Development Manager of Adhesives, Erwin de Leeuw, at erwin.deleeuw@llproducts.com or +49 152 288 044 94.


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Composite Europe

Composite Europe takes place September 10-11, 2019 in Messe Stuttgart, Germany. It is the foremost trade fair and industry forum for all professions that are linked with composites as well as their corresponding technologies and applications.