Making Commercial Vehicles lighter, quieter & safer

Commercial Vehicles

L&L Products is a major global supplier to the Commercial Vehicles market and comprehensively meets the needs of its customers wherever they are located. We have Commercial Vehicle specialists based in all key vehicle design and production locations. We are able to provide expertise, support and customized technology to satisfy the diverse requirements of the Commercial Vehicles industry. The aim of our dedicated Commercial Vehicles team is to fully satisfy the requirements of customers in the following segments:

  • Truck
  • Recreational Vehicles and Caravans
  • Bus
  • Truck Trailers
  • Construction
  • Special Vehicles
  • Agricultural
  • Rail

All of our solutions are customized to meet the exact requirements of our customers wherever they are located. L&L Products provides innovative technologies for the following key applications:

  • Anti-corrosion sealing
  • Structural adhesive systems for durable body assembly
  • Damping Systems
  • Acoustic enhancements
  • Structural reinforcement solutions to reduce weight and improve crash performance