L&L Products Awarded Macomb Business Award for Trailblazers of Future Talent

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Romeo, Michigan, April 23, 2019

L&L Products Awarded Macomb Business Award for Trailblazers of Future Talent

Romeo, Michigan, April 23, 2019This morning, L&L Products was awarded Macomb Business Award for Trailblazers of Future Talent at the seventh annual Macomb Business Awards breakfast hosted by leaders from Macomb County, Michigan.

The Trailblazer of Future Talentaward is to acknowledge and reward businesses for “creating partnerships that provide opportunities for the next generation of our workforce to explore and experience career possibilities.” A panel of judges reviewed 71 nominations and selected winners in each of the eight categories.

It is considered a great honor for L&L Products to win this award out of the eight other local businesses who demonstrate leadership and focus in the area of developing future talent.

Several initiatives have been put in place at L&L Products to engage and inspire the next generation of our workforce. A few of the programs include:

  • Comprehensive internship program in all areas of the business that provide potential career opportunities upon graduation.
  • Annual participant in Manufacturing Day, “a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and occurs on the first Friday in October.”
  • Partnership with Macomb Community College to establish an apprenticeship program to develop a highly-skilled workforce through instruction by knowledgeable journey workers.

Heather Sermo, Director of Human Resources, along with Steve Balsam, Process Engineering Technology Leader, were at the event to receive the award.

“This award is a reflection of our values and culture that were established by our founders; ‘A good place for all who touch it.’ Thanks to the people at L&L and the inspiration they give each other, each day. We work for a special place. The future and talent at L&L, in our Community, and Macomb County is up to us”, said Balsam.

View the full list of nominees along with the other categories here:

For questions regarding the award or to learn more about L&L’s initiatives, contact L&L’s Marketing Specialist, Andrea Smith, at [email protected]


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