L&L Products Reformable Epoxy Adhesive Film Featured in JEC Composites News

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September 2, 2014

L&L Products Reformable Epoxy Adhesive Film Featured in JEC Composites News

L&L’s reformable epoxy adhesive film is featured in recent JEC Composites news post:

L&L Products, a global applied engineering & materials science company, launches a reformable epoxy adhesive film which combines the adhesion and mechanical properties of an epoxy with the processing ease of a thermoplastic.

The new film aims to facilitate manufacture of composite parts, panels and laminates.

With a tensile elongation of 40%, the reformable epoxy adhesive film is an incredibly tough product and has higher strength and better adhesion than traditional thermoplastic adhesive systems.

L-F610 can also used for a wide range of dissimilar substrate bonding applications.

It can be de-bonded and re-formed allowing parts and components to be modified in existing structures. It is also dry-to-the-touch and transparent, making it usable for applications where a good cosmetic finish is required.

Unlike epoxy thermoset film adhesives, L-F610 does not require refrigerated storage and has a long shelf life.

In order to explore further applications for this new product, L&L Products has formed a relationship with Hardwire LLC, a leading US-based, composite component producer.

About L&L Products
L&L Products, established in 1958, is a global innovative provider of acoustic, sealing, adhesives and structural materials to the advanced composites, automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle and industrial markets. L&L Products provides value to its customers through material science, superior engineering, custom service and manufacturing expertise.

About Hardwire
Hardwire, established in 2000, originally started out manufacturing reinforcement applications for the seismic retrofit of buildings and infrastructure. Today, Hardwire is known for solving the most challenging military and defense problems. For over ten years, the Hardwire team has developed, tested, and fielded armor to protect against a variety of threats. Hardwire’s armor manufacturing facilities span over 100,000 square feet with two custom, state-of-the-art laminating presses.

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