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L&L Products Exhibiting at CAMX 2022

L&L Products Exhibiting at CAMX 2022

Working together with our customers for over 60 years, we provide tailored solutions for challenges in sealing, acoustics, bonding, thermal and vibration management, reinforcement, and manufacturing process optimization.

L&L Products will present the following material solutions at booth K48:


A proprietary two-component ambient curing technology line with superior adhesion performance, unprecedented processability ease, while typically possessing no isocyanates or organic volatiles. One of PHASTER™’s newest development technologies possesses the compressive strength, along with the adhesion and foaming behavior, to allow for structural repairs to be made providing value over other foam-in-place technologies.

With superior durability and strength, PHASTER™ XP-607 can be used as a load bearing grout, structural gap filler and formable adhesive in architectural repair applications, new construction, or other industrial applications. PHASTER™ XP-607 also provides strength for structures and panels and is the material of choice as a foundation for bolts, screws, inserts or brackets.

Join us for the PHASTER™ presentation Wednesday, October 19 at 1 p.m. at the CAMX Theater.


L&L Products meets a long-existing industry need with T-Link™, an advanced engineering thermoplastic adhesive hybrid resin that does not require refrigeration or special handling and – being highly customizable – can be easily and quickly consolidated into a composite structure.

T-Link™ is a good candidate when typical thermoplastic adhesive films are not performing sufficiently. Due to its thermoplastic nature, T-Link™ is drapable for deep drawn parts allowing for production of irregularly shaped components. T-Link™ is commonly used to replace messy and time-consuming liquid epoxy solutions.

Continuous Composite Systems™ (CCS™)

Continuous Composite Systems™ (CCS™) are continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials that can be used as a carrier when combined with our highly engineered sealants and/or structural adhesives. The system is designed to provide strength, stiffness, and rigidity to a lightweight structure.

CCS™ enables a cost-effective reinforcement solution proven to be 75% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum. Our extensive pultrusion process allows us to manufacture straight parts with constant cross sections delivering consistent, high strength quality components. When working with our customers, L&L’s team of engineers bring extensive CAE modeling capabilities and are able to produce and optimize unusual part designs to obtain part validation before parts are created.

Due to its many forms, CCS™ offers a number of unique attributes in terms of material and fiber choice for a variety of applications. Our CCS™ technologies are composed of a variety of forms including: CCS™ Co-Ex, CCS™ Set, CCS™ Hybrid, and CCS™ Extreme.

For more information on CAMX, contact Kristi Hanson, Marketing Specialist at [email protected] or for product release and availability information contact Andrea Smith, Global Market Communications Manager at [email protected]. For additional new product release information, visit the L&L Products website

About L&L Products

L&L Products is a technology-driven, family-owned business-to-business company, creating solutions for applications requiring static sealing, better acoustics, reduced vibration, structural reinforcement, and thermal management, while improving manufacturing process optimization. Today, L&L has over 1300 employees worldwide, locations in 16 countries, and 8 manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit





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