L&L Products Advances Efficiency of the Bonding Process for Aircraft Interiors While Improving Health & Safety Properties and Reducing Overall Cost

L&L Products develops a generation of materials dedicated to the construction of aircraft interiors. The primary focus is to improve the Health & Safety properties of the materials using innovative components to eliminate REACH classified substances such as borate zinc, trioxide antimony, and phenolic resins while attaining the desired Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) properties.

Aerospace FST adhesives

Among these products are 5 epoxy FST adhesives compliant to the latest FAR 25853 regulation. This adhesive product family performs with a 5 to 90-minute pot life, passes non-sag testing, and has rheology suitable for easy injection. These structural adhesives improve the efficiency of the bonding process and help reduce production costs while improving fire safety. They cure at room temperature and thus, avoid the need for a heat source, reducing energy costs.

Additionally, a new generation of FST splice film is now also available and does not need frozen storage. These new products possess a high expansion rate, up to 180%, which can be reached with low curing temperatures (starting at 120°C).