L&L Products Partners with Top Automotive Customer to Avoid Shrink Marks, Match Aesthetics, and Exceed Technical Requirements on Rear Spoiler

A top composite customer was seeking a solution to bond a rear spoiler made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). The rear spoiler consisted of a relatively complex design and multiple parts that needed to be assembled into one high quality end product.

Bond Rear Spoiler

L&L Products’ bonding experts worked together with the customer to choose the right adhesive based on the technical requirements and the secondary aesthetic requirements, such as avoiding shrink marks. The final product needed to be a black adhesive to be used on the black CFRP to match the aesthetics.

The L&L team selected a product with high lap shear strength over 20 MPa with sufficient modulus for this application, and develops 80% of its final strength within 10 minutes. The results proved to be an efficient method to produce these parts.

The technical service department at L&L Products in Altorf, France supported this project by providing a range of tests in order to prove that the selected adhesive will perform as expected in the field. The technical service department had the capabilities to do lap shear, T-peel climate cycle, and fatigue tests.