L&L Products Simplifies Manufacturing and Improves Worker Safety for Major Bus Manufacturer Through the Use of Elastomeric Adhesive

L&L Products develops an elastomeric adhesive to help bond and seal FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), stainless steel, and aluminum applications at one of the world’s leading bus manufacturers.

Elastomeric Adhesive Solution for Commercial Vehicle

For many years, this major bus maker has employed a conventional polyurethane elastic adhesive to bond and seal the side, roof, and front/rear panels of their bus and coach models. Prior to application of the adhesive, each substrate required cleaning and priming with a specialized pre-treatment systems. These adhesives, cleaners, and primers all contained hazardous materials, including solvents and/or isocyanates.

The elastomeric adhesive material from L&L Products allowed this customer to modernize and accelerate their production process for future models. The solution also replaced hazardous materials with safe and clean L&L products. L&L’s adhesive is primerless and free from solvents and isocyanates. Panels can then be painted over when wet making it very easy to apply, while at the same time, producing a perfect finish.