Combining material science, engineering & new processing technologies

L&L Product is an innovative development partner. The Company’s commitment to innovation and new technology is clearly shown by the fact that in less than 15 years, it has been awarded over 200 patents related to material formulations, engineering designs and manufacturing processes.

More often than not, L&L Products utilizes a dual development approach. This involves providing novel solutions to meet a customer’s existing needs and the development of materials, systems and products that predict a customer’s future requirements.

The ability of L&L to combine strong material science, innovative engineering design, numerical analysis and new processing methodologies, make it unique among its competitors.

Recent Innovations

Among the many innovations launched in recent years, a few include:

  • Composite panel stiffener designed to address stiffness, NVH and weight
  • Room temperature curing elastic sealants
  • Room temperature curing structural adhesives
  • Adhesive films designed to join dissimilar materials
  • Embedded acoustic solutions for honeycomb panels
  • Novel structural solutions to meet the most stringent crash safety standards
  • Highly compacted fiber-based acoustic sheets that can be converted via molding into three dimensional parts