L&L Acoustic

Providing innovative products for noise suppression

L&L’s acoustic solutions encompass various material constructions capable of improving acoustic performance. Our technologies can be adapted to address specific frequencies and sound amplitudes.

Acoustic Sealants

L&L’s acoustic sealants portfolio comprises both rubber-based and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)-based sealants that are formulated with varying levels of volumetric expansion, density and cell structure, once heat is applied.

Typically, sealants are coupled with various barrier materials such as metal or polyamides, which enhance sound transmission loss characteristics.

Engineered Fiber-Based Sound Absorption

L&L Products acquired this innovative technology in 2012 to extend its depth and breadth of engineered acoustic solutions. The DECI-TEX® platform is a vertically lapped fiber-based, acoustic technology that yields a broad range of products, all being tunable and engineered for customer-specific applications.

The DECI-TEX® platform offers a unique value proposition founded on premium acoustic performance at lower weights with less material usage compared to competitive products.

Integrated Noise Damping

L&L provides acoustically treated honeycomb cores that offer significant improvements in acoustic insulation properties. The integrated noise damping system involves embedding a formulated acoustic material into specific areas of a honeycomb core. Computer modeling is used to determine how both airborne noise and structural-borne noise can be reduced.

Flexible Sound Barrier

L&L’s flexible sound barrier is a lightweight, acoustic insulation layer. Due to its flexibility, the sound barrier is tear resistant and can be readily sewn together with other substrate layers. Its unique thermal forming abilities allow it to be used in complex shapes.

For more information on specific technologies, please contact L&L Products or visit our resources page with more detailed information.