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Our range of targeted acoustic solutions encompass various material constructions with one shared purpose: improving acoustic performance for our customers. In order to completely fulfill requirements and needs, our technologies can be adapted to address specific frequencies and sound amplitudes.

Acoustic sealants

Our acoustic sealant portfolio is formulated with varying levels of volumetric expansion, density and cell structure. Typically, sealants are coupled with various barrier materials such as metal or thermoplastics, which enhance sound transmission loss characteristics.


Engineered fiber-based sound absorption

In 2012, we acquired an innovative technology for engineered fiber-based sound absorption to extend our depth and breadth of engineered acoustic solutions. The DECI-TEX® V-Series platform is a vertically lapped, fiber-based, acoustic technology that yields a broad range of products, all being tunable and engineered for customer-specific applications. It offers a unique value proposition founded on premium acoustic performance at lower weights with less material usage compared to competitive products.

DECI-TEX<sup>®</sup> V-Series
DECI-TEX® V-Series
DECI-TEX<sup>®</sup> T-Series
DECI-TEX® T-Series
DECI-TEX<sup>®</sup> X-Series
DECI-TEX® X-Series
Truck under cab insulator
Truck under cab insulator

The DECI-TEX® T-Series technology is a composite non-woven material, giving a shape to the acoustic solution through thermoforming to a 3D part of the material. The unique combination of tunable acoustic performance, weight saving, and recyclability offers the perfect fit with mega trends in the automotive industry, especially for electric vehicles. Acoustic efficient airducts, or quiet hush-panels, are typical applications.

DECI-TEX® X-Series products are horizontal fiber-oriented structures designed to enhance layered thermal performance. This flexible material is non-toxic, has excellent resistance to high temperature, and low shrinkage. It also has excellent chemical and biological resistance. DECI-TEX® X-Series is typically used in dry wrapping of structural steel and other heat protection applications in the automotive industry.

Lining a fitting with L&L Product's DECI-TEX® sound absorption technology

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