L&L Bond Solutions

A practical, proven and cost competitive alternative to welding

For more than 20 years, L&L has been supplying heat activated adhesive tapes to replace and augment welding, brazing and mechanical fixing methods in automobile manufacturing. Over the years, L&L has used its expertise and experience with adhesion technology to expand its range of solutions to meet new market needs by offering structural adhesives in a variety of forms demonstrating advanced properties.

Structural adhesive tapes

L&L develops a wide range of tacky structural adhesives in tape form that are principally epoxy-based and heat activated. L&L’s tapes have the ability to bond areas of the vehicle where there is limited weld accessibility, varying design gaps and requirements to join dissimilar substrates. When bonding dissimilar substrates, L&L’s tapes are designed to manage coefficient of thermal expansion (∆CTE) differences as well as maintaining substrate separation to prevent galvanic corrosion.

L&L’s structural adhesive tapes have a variety of expansion rates and can be supplied in tape form or die cut.

Structural adhesive pastes

In order to meet customer needs, L&L has expanded its adhesive offerings by formulating a series of innovative one-component, heat cured adhesives and two-component, room temperature curing structural adhesives.

L&L’s structural adhesive pastes demonstrate low odor, improved worker safety, low shrinkage, fast cycle times, excellent mechanical properties and fire resistance attributes. Pastes also have the ability to bond many different substrates.

Structural adhesive films

In recent years, L&L has formulated a series of adhesives in film form that develop a structural bond between substrates once heat is applied. L&L’s adhesive films are epoxy based and vary in either thermosets or thermoplastics.

L&L’s films demonstrate properties such as high strength, rigidity and toughness and the ability to be stored at room temperature, eliminating the need for refrigeration.


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