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For more than 20 years, L&L has been supplying heat-activated adhesive tapes to replace and augment welding, brazing, and mechanical joining methods in automobile manufacturing. Ever since, we have used our expertise with adhesion technology to expand our range of solutions. We meet current market needs by offering structural adhesives with advanced properties in a variety of forms.

Structural adhesive tapes

We offer a wide range of tacky structural adhesives in tape form that are principally epoxy-based and heat-activated. The tapes have the ability to bond areas of the vehicle where there is limited weld accessibility, varying design gaps and requirements to join dissimilar substrates. When bonding dissimilar substrates, L&L’s tapes can be designed to manage coefficient of thermal expansion (∆CTE) differences while maintaining substrate separation to prevent galvanic corrosion.

All structural adhesive tapes are 0.5 – 3.0 mm, have a variety of expansion rates, and can be supplied in tape form or die-cut.

Structural adhesive tapes
Structural adhesive tapes
Structural adhesive die-cuts

Structural adhesive pastes

In order to meet customer needs, we have expanded our adhesive offerings by formulating a series of innovative one-component, heat-cured adhesives and two-component, room-temperature cured structural adhesives.

Many of our structural adhesive pastes demonstrate low odor, improved worker safety, low shrinkage, excellent mechanical properties, and fire resistance attributes. Pastes also have the ability to bond many different substrates.

Structural adhesives
Adhesive paste

Structural adhesive films

In recent years, we have formulated a series of adhesives in film form that develop a structural bond between substrates once heat is applied. These adhesive films are epoxy-based and can be offered as either a thermoset or thermoplastic. They demonstrate properties such as high strength, rigidity and toughness, and the ability to be stored at room temperature. Our structural adhesive films are 0.5mm or less, can be either dry-to-the-touch or tacky, and can be die-cut.

In order to meet a long-existing industry need, L&L Products developed T-Link™, an advanced engineering thermoplastic adhesive hybrid resin that does not require refrigeration or special handling and can be easily and quickly consolidated into a composite structure.

T-Link™ is available multiple forms, including resin pellets, transparent film, expanded film, monofilament, multifilament, coated yarns, powder, fiber veil, and unidirectional composite/tape.

Click here to learn more about T-Link™.

FST room-temperature cure

L&L Products adhesives have been developed to bond various substrates (metal, thermoplastics, and composites). These two component toughened adhesives cure at room temperature and provide high-performance bonding. Designed for interior applications, they meet the latest FAA fire regulations (vertical burn, smoke density, and toxicity). The adhesives are available in different open time versions that allow for a work life from 5 minutes to one hour, to fit the required application processes.

FST room-temperature cure adhesives

Elastic adhesives

Our elastic adhesives offer the following valuable properties: low- or non-toxicity, pretreatment-free adhesion, as well as high elasticity to avoid read-through. These products address existing and future needs of multi-material bonding and reduced VOC emissions. The product range offers the appropriate selection for application- and performance-specific needs.

Elastic adhesives

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