L&L Reinforce Solutions

Innovative macro-composite technologies

In 1998, L&L pioneered dry-to-the-touch macro-composites known as Composite Body Solutions (CBS) reinforcement technologies. The platform of technologies has since grown due to the implementation of L&L’s dual development innovation approach that encompasses meeting a customer’s existing needs and developing materials, systems and products that predict a customer’s future requirements.

L&L CBS (Composite Body Solutions)

L&L CBS reinforcements usually consist of a formulated expandable structural adhesive material developed by L&L combined with a carrier. CBS reinforcements are engineered for customer specific applications.

A basic principle is targeted reinforcement. This is the practice of reinforcing only specific locations that require structural support. The result is lighter and more efficient structures.

L&L CCS (Continuous Composite Systems)

Continuous Composite Systems (CCS) combines a fiber-reinforced composite carrier with highly engineered sealants and adhesives in a two-dimensional profile designed to provide strength, stiffness, and rigidity to a lightweight structure.

What makes L&L CCS unique is that the product options can deliver a cost-effective, ultra high strength reinforcement solution that brings extensive engineering knowledge, advanced CAE modeling, and the ability for adhesive use in a variety of applications.

Composite Panel Stiffener

L&L’s Panel Stiffener comprises a high expanding structural adhesive contained within a fiberglass reinforcement. It is designed to address stiffness, NVH (excessive panel vibration and noise) and weight.

What makes L&L’s Panel Stiffener unique is its superior adhesion to substrates and pliability in the green state. Once activated, the high performance stiffening is due to the increased moment of inertia.

Core Splice Adhesives

L&L formulates core splice adhesives for a range of honeycomb core finishing operations. In addition, these adhesives can be readily used for edge close out & radius enhancement.

Depending on which formulation is chosen and what cure cycle is used, expansion rates can range from 30%-400%.

Aircraft Panel Reinforcements

L&L Products’ series of panel reinforcement materials are lightweight, epoxy-based products that allow honeycomb cores to be reinforced in strategic areas without adding unnecessary weight.

Typical applications include edge close-out radius enhancement and reinforcing a localized area so metal hinges, inserts and other fastening systems can be installed in the panel.

For more information on specific technologies, please contact L&L Products or visit our resources page with more detailed information.