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Innovative macro-composite technologies

In 1998, L&L pioneered macro-composites known as Composite Body Solutions (CBS). Ever since, the technology platform has grown continuously due to constant innovation and successful partnerships with our customers. Through implementing our joint development approach that encompasses meeting a customer’s existing needs, we also develop materials, systems, and products that predict their future requirements.

L&L CCS (Continuous Composite Systems)

Our Continuous Composite Systems (CCS) combine a fiber-reinforced pultruded composite carrier with highly engineered sealants and adhesives in a two-dimensional profile. The system is designed to provide strength, stiffness, and rigidity to a lightweight structure.

CCS enables a cost-effective reinforcement solution that brings extensive engineering knowledge and advanced CAE modeling offering improved strength-to-weight ratio compared to metals. Furthermore, the product is distinguished by the ability to combine our adhesives and reinforce products to provide an optimized solution.

L&L Products Continuous Composite Systems (CCS)

CCS (Continuous Composite Systems)
CCS (Continuous Composite Systems)

FST Foaming Adhesives

Closing out interior panel edges is commonly a very time- and labor-intensive process. Our series of foaming adhesives fixes that issue by enabling a quick and easy way to trim honeycomb interior panel edges. 

When cured at a range of 250°F to 350°F, the products can expand from 100 to 500% of their original volume. This versatility allows for filling voids and providing an edge that can be finished to optimal fit and coating specifications.  

The predictable post-cure density provides a uniform material specification for the finished panels and can be saw-cut, laser-cut, milled, sanded, or lathed to meet the demanding fit and finish requirements of our customers. All FST Foaming Adhesives can also be potted into structures and provide local reinforcements. 

FST foaming adhesives
FST foaming adhesives

Honeycomb Panel Reinforcements

Our lightweight epoxy-based material has been especially developed to readily reinforce honeycomb cores in strategic areas without adding unnecessary weight.

We offer two product variations, one for interior application and one for structural use. Both materials can be used for manual or mechanical pump processes and are supplied as a homogeneous material requiring no mixing or weighing of separate components, thus making processing easier and quicker.

Benefits of our Honeycomb Panel Reinforcements are their low-odor property and the use of ingredients with low toxicity. Typical applications include the enhancement of edges as well as of localized areas designed to accept metal hinges and inserts. These products are offered as one-component, heat-activated or two-component, room temperature-activated. Honeycomb panel reinforcement material cures smooth, which reduces post-processing machining.

Honeycomb Panel Reinforcements

L&L CBS (Composite Body Solutions)

Composite Body Solutions enable lightweight body structures without compromising overall performance of the application. The technology combines a highly engineered structural adhesive material (also known as structural foam) that is heat-activated and expandable, with a thermoplastic carrier. We thereby create a tailor-made reinforcement solution that strengthens specific areas of a structure.

CBS technology often reduces the complexity of an application, enabling our customers to save weight and costs due to less stamping dies for metallic parts. At the same time, the product provides increased stiffness and safety.

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CBS (Composite Body Solutions)
CBS (Composite Body Solutions)
CBS (Composite Body Solutions)
CBS (Composite Body Solutions)

Composite Panel Reinforcements

Our Composite Panel Stiffeners comprise an expanding structural adhesive contained within a fiberglass reinforcement.

L&L Composite Panel Stiffeners are installed in the body shop prior to the e-coat process. They offer excellent substrate adhesion and pliability, which enables robust adhesion for contoured geometries. Once activated, the high-performance stiffening is improved due to the increased moment of inertia caused by foaming.

We approach every project with detailed analysis, enabling our engineers to determine the ideal size and positioning of the Composite Panel Stiffener and to provide our customers with optimal pricing and performance.

Composite panel stiffener
Composite panel stiffener

Pressure sensitive adhesives

Our pressure sensitive adhesives are epoxy-based, high-expandable structural adhesives. Due to their expansion levels, the products have the unique ability to provide structural bonding while bridging varying design gaps. These beneficial adhesive expansion properties also ensure substrate separation, preventing galvanic corrosion from occurring.

Demonstration of bonding a door bracket using L-5573 gap jumping adhesive

Pressure sensititve adhesives

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