12. outubro 2020 Shanghai, China

L&L Products China Awarded Excellent Supplier of the Year 2019 by Fujian Benz

L&L Products China Awarded Excellent Supplier of the Year 2019 by Fujian Benz

Shanghai, China, October 13, 2020 – L&L Products is proud to announce that it has been awarded Fujian Benz Excellent Supplier of the Year for 2019. The award was presented to L&L Products by Fujian Benz at its annual supplier conference at its location in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. L&L Products is a leading solution provider of static sealing, acoustics improvement, vibration reduction, structural reinforcement, and composite enhancing products.

Fujian Benz is a joint venture between Fujian Motor Industry Group Co., Ltd., Daimler Vans Hong Kong Limited, and BAIX Motor Corporation Lt., which locally produces Mercedes-Benz vans in China.

Of the 150 local suppliers considered, Fujian Benz awarded only seven suppliers that demonstrated consistent quality of products, on-time deliveries, and excellent customer service. This award marks the first-time recognition of L&L Products as a local supplier to Fujian Benz.

Due to the current global pandemic, many companies have had to surpass expectations to keep people safe and healthy in their local communities. L&L Products is proud to have had the opportunity to contribute efforts alongside Fujian Benz. In early 2020, Fujian Benz experienced a high demand for ambulance production. In this difficult period, L&L China fully cooperated with the Fujian Benz team by supplying necessary parts, both promptly and efficiently. L&L Products was the first supplier to have completed the delivery – enabling the customer to recover the first production smoothly.

“This award is extremely significant to us as it is the first award as a local supplier. We started mass production in 2018 and will continue to commit to making products on-time, that are of consistent quality, and with a high level of quality customer service. This is also in line with our company’s values,” said Watson Lei, L&L Products Commercial Director for China and Southeast Asia.

For more information on L&L Products’ Supplier of the Year Award by Fujian Benz, please contact L&L’s Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Andrea Smith at [email protected].


About L&L Products

L&L Products is a technology-driven business-to-business company with unique expertise in static sealing, acoustics, vibration reduction, structural reinforcements, and composite components for automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle and other industrial applications. Today, L&L has reached 1300+ global employees, 16 global locations, and 8 manufacturing facilities.



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