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L&L Products Exhibits at CAMX for its 4th Year with a Giveaway Contest

L&L Products Exhibits at CAMX for its 4th Year with a Giveaway Contest

Romeo, Michigan, September 14, 2018 For the 4th year in a row, L&L Products is thrilled to be exhibiting at this year’s Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) on October 16-18, 2018 at booth N21.

As a fun way to engage attendees with L&L’s booth, the company is launching a giveaway contest. All attendees have to do is “like” the L&L Products Facebook and Twitter page and post a photo of the L&L Products booth or a technology from the L&L booth and use the hasthtag #LLPBoothN21. Winner of the contest receives the new Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker. The winner will be announced on Twitter and Facebook at 11am local time on Thursday, October 18.

Below is a high-level look at some of the latest technologies that attendees can expect to see at CAMX:

Continuous Composite Systems (CCS)

CCS combines highly engineered sealants and adhesives with a fiber-reinforced composite carrier in a two-dimensional profile designed to provide strength, stiffness, and rigidity to a lightweight structure. L&L’s CCS are composed of a variety of forms including: CCS Co-Ex, CCS Set, CCS Hybrid, and CCS Extreme.

With L&L’s CCS products and process, L&L Products can deliver a cost-effective, ultra-high strength reinforcement solution that brings extensive engineering knowledge, advanced CAE modeling, and the ability for adhesive use in a variety of applications.

L-5920 Structural Adhesive Foam

For composite applications requiring increased stiffness, durability, and light-weighting, L&L Products is thrilled to share its latest structural adhesive foam. L&L’s L-5920 is an epoxy-based structural foam with higher strain to failure than traditional structural foams. It is commonly paired with a reinforcing material such as nylon and then designed to create an engineered structural insert.

The heat-activated foaming structural material is intended for crash applications with improved strain to failure and modulus (strain energy). L-5920 has a higher vertical rise at the same volumetric expansion than its Generation 3 predecessor, L-5520, meaning it is capable of spanning larger gaps and achieving adhesion more quickly during heat exposure and thereby producing more durable bonding.

Tacky TRI-Seal

After its successful launch at last year’s show, L&L Products is elated to showcase its newest version of TRI-Seal. L&L’s TRI-Seal is a heat-activated foaming sealant material containing embedded rigid spheres. L&L’s TRI-Seal is unique as it allows torque retention, isolation, and sealing all at the same time. It is used to seal interfaces where load retention and / or separation of dissimilar materials is important. This foaming or expanding sealant insures robust sealing against water, air, and dust intrusion including small capillary paths common in threaded joints and line-to-line conditions. TRI-Seal also acts as an isolation barrier preventing corrosion caused by galvanic reactions.

A new option in the TRI-Seal product suite is the Tacky version. L&L’s Tacky TRI-Seal gives the ability when produced, to locally concentrate the rigid spheres in areas where required; lending to a more cost-effective solution for larger parts.

Room Temperature Cure FST Adhesives

With the stringent regulations of the aerospace industry, L&L Products is proud to present its latest fire, smoke and toxicity, room-temperature curing adhesives. L&L Products develops epoxy-based, fire resistant adhesives for aircraft interiors designed to bond to various substrates commonly used in the aerospace industry (metal, thermoplastic and composites). Two new adhesives recently released include L-9150 and L-9115.

L-9150 is a two-component adhesive with a one-to-one mix ratio, which cures at room temperature or can be accelerated with heat and provides high performance bonding (work life 35-50 minutes). L-9115 is a two-component, toughened adhesive which cures at room temperature and provides high performance bonding (work life 10-20 minutes).

Show Partnership with David H. Sutherland

L&L Products is proud to present its partnership at CAMX 2018 with David H. Sutherland, a stocking distributor of film/past adhesives, topcoats/primers, mold sealer/release agents, metal/surfaces and more. David H. Sutherland will be showcasing a few of L&L Products’ adhesives including L-F610, L-9100 and L-9000 series. Visit the David H. Sutherland booth G65 for more information.

About L&L Products

L&L Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation – L&L Products has reached a milestone this year, celebrating 60years of business. The company has grown from the dreams of co-founders, Bob Ligon and Gene Lane, into a thriving multinational corporation.While remaining a family-owned business, L&L Products prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation, which is why it dedicates much of its resources to science and engineering.

L&L Products is a technology driven business-to-business Company that has unique expertise in static sealing, acoustics, vibration reduction, structural reinforcements and composite components for automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle and other industrial applications. Today, L&L has reached 1000+ global employees, 15 global locations, and 8 manufacturing facilities.



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