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We are proud to be your trusted partner in innovation. For over 65 years, our skilled chemists, scientists, and engineers have collaborated with customers around the world to provide tailored solutions, backed by a deep understanding of materials science and applied engineering, that address their unique application needs.

The models developed by our experienced CAD / CAE design teams provide high predictability.

Our experienced computer-aided engineering (CAE) design team simulates the performance of parts and macrosystems that are made with our innovative materials using a variety of state-of-the-art modeling tools. Our customers appreciate the high predictability of the proposed solutions, which are carefully analyzed by our specialized CAE engineers.

Our Capabilities

Chemistry and polymer synthesis

We have a strong chemistry backbone enabling our global team of scientists to readily create custom formulations. Our laboratories are well equipped for material testing and constantly innovating to meet customers’ needs.

Product engineering and advanced simulation

The models developed by our experienced CAD/CAE design teams provide high predictability. We can promptly exchange CAE data with our customers, allowing our designs to be integrated with theirs.

Project management

We are a customer-focused organization with strategically located regional teams able to service local needs. Our specialists are active worldwide – providing knowledge and customized technology to satisfy the diverse needs of every market we serve.


Our fully equipped prototype shops have the ability to quickly assess new concepts. All facilities allow for the validation of solutions to standard industry test methods.

Driven by Our
Commitment to Excellence

We base our processes on our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and business partners. Additionally, we are dedicated to contributing to a better environment by aiming to reduce our global footprint and work toward a ZERO waste target.

This is how L&L offers technologically innovative products while conserving resources for future generations and caring for the wellbeing of our people. This operational approach has earned us quality, environmental, and health & safety certifications at our locations all over the world.

For a list of L&L Products certificates by region, please visit our Certificates page.


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Utilizing Industry 4.0 to make data-driven business decisions

Performance, comfort, and style reach an all-new level with CCubed™.
Performance, comfort, and style reach an all-new level with CCubed™.

Performance, comfort, and style reach an all-new level with CCubed™.

Featured Solution

CCubed™ is L&L's game-changing performance material that provides high-performance, fiber-based cushioning. The breathable, 3D structure provides cushioning, allows heat to escape, wicks sweat away from the skin, and creates an evaporative cooling effect. This material elevates overall wearer comfort while maintaining cushioning performance.

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Global Recognition

It is our goal to be “A Good Place for All Who Touch It,” and we are proud to be recognized for the good things that we contribute to our partners and colleagues, from innovative materials and solutions to the little daily activities that make things work. We thank you for giving us the opportunity.

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