Our products for passenger aircraft interiors enable:

  • Less vibration
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Local structural reinforcements

AerospaceLighter, stronger, and quieter aircraft interiors

L&L provides a range of technologies specifically designed to reduce weight, improve production processes, and meet the most challenging Aerospace specifications including compliance with the latest fire regulations.

With our state-of-the-art R&D facilities that span the globe, we are ideally placed to provide customer-specific solutions.

Our products are qualified with major aerospace OEMs and their suppliers.

Aerospace Solutions

Our automotive solutions cover:

  • Heat-activated structural reinforcements engineered for vehicle structures or panels
  • Structural composites
  • Structural and semi-structural paste or tape adhesives
  • Heat-activated foaming materials for noise reduction and sealing
  • Fiber-based materials and multi-layer systems for acoustic absorption
  • Automated extrusion process to apply material
  • Fiber-based thermal insulation materials
  • Self-sealing, self-isolating, self-locking fasteners

AutomotiveEffective material solutions for vehicles

For more than 60 years, L&L has been working closely with the world’s major global automotive manufacturers, providing materials, parts, and systems that address even the most complex needs, such as:

  • Reducing overall weight while improving crash / structural performance
  • Increasing body stiffness, enhancing durability, and overall noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)
  • Bonding dissimilar materials
  • Completely sealing the cross section of a cavity
  • Minimizing overall sound intrusion into vehicle

With our specialized scientists, product engineers, designers, and manufacturing personnel available for collaboration, we develop the most customer-specific solutions to make vehicles lighter, stronger, quieter, and safer.

Automotive Solutions

Our solutions find application in:

  • Acoustic enhancements for the body-in-white structure
  • Noise damping systems for interiors as well as exterior pass-by noise
  • Structural and flexible adhesive and sealant systems for durable body assembly
  • Structural reinforcement solutions to improve NVH and vehicle crash performance, while reducing weight
  • Thermal insulation solutions for exhaust systems and engine bay

Commercial VehiclesCustomized products for all requirements

We are a major global supplier to the commercial vehicle market, providing customized technology and solution support to satisfy the diverse requirements of the industry.

Our solutions can be tailor-made to meet the exact needs of the application and compliance with OEM regulations, no matter the segment:

  • Small and large trucks
  • Truck trailers
  • Busses

CV Solutions

Key product differentiators

  • Certified to UL94 HF-1 and UL 2200
  • Excellent compression resistance and resilience
  • Maintains loft over product life
  • Optimized solution by tuning fiber blends,
  • Facings, thickness, and weight
  • Fast drying, does not retain moisture
  • Low VOC material
  • Easily formed into 2D (ultrasonic and heat-stake welded)
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) available

Industrial UnitsQuieter and cooler surroundings with DECI-TEX®

Our nonwoven technologies serve various market segments with solutions for cooler and quieter industrial units. Markets include generator sets, air compressors, pumps, and other industrial noise enclosures. 

DECI-TEX® Acoustic Materials.

Available in sheets or rolls, DECI-TEX® combines L&L's expertise in nonwoven fibers, lamination technology, and secondary processing to offer a highly tunable and versatile portfolio with superior performance. Learn more about DECI-TEX®.

EFS™ Thermal Solutions.

EFS™ Thermal solutions are fiber-based thermal or thermo-acoustic platforms that are engineered to suit a wide range of customer-specific applications. Available in both rigid (metallic solution) and flexible casings for excellent heat resistance, improved heat/temperature retention. Learn more about EFS™ Thermal Solutions.

Industrial Solutions

Rail car in station

L&L Rail solutions enable:

  • Less weight
  • Higher functionality of the interior by being able to combine desired material choices
  • Increased safety (fire protection)
  • Low odor and lowest toxicity possible


  • L&L solutions for rail applications
  • TDS
  • Info flyer Glass Bonding for Rail Applications

RailFlexible bonds for urban mobility

In the light of global phenomena such as urbanization, the importance of rail transport is growing steadily. Train operators are looking to lightweight trains, which reduce maintenance needs and costs for the rail infrastructure. Since train bodies nowadays are still mainly metal-based, manufacturers need strong but flexible bonding systems to attach the interior composite panels to the train’s structure.

We meet these needs by offering structural adhesive systems for use in multi-material bonding applications based on epoxy, methacrylate, or highly flexible bond-and-seal Silyl-modified technologies. All L&L products offered for the rail market are certified to be compliant with the latest EN45545 – 2 flame-retardant and FST requirements.

Rail Solutions



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