Innovative Solutions Since 1958

Innovative Solutions Since 1958

Our corporate history

It all started more than 60 years ago when two friends from high school joined together to start a business that operated out of the former Ebeling Dairy building in Almont, Michigan. Bob Ligon and Gene Lane started making small trim clip prototypes in Gene’s home oven and, over time, turned this small two-person operation into a multinational corporation. From the start, Bob and Gene generated a strong foundation of values that have carried on throughout L&L's history. Today we pride ourselves on Being a Good Place for All Who Touch it, which includes employees, customers, suppliers, and the local communities.



  • L&L™ India relocates to new production facility.
  • L&L™ opens a new office in Munich, Germany.
  • Focuses advancing R&D efforts around composites.
  • L&L™ partner with a local supplier in Malaysia to support extrusion demand for automotive OEMs.
  • L&L™ establishes presence in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities built in India and Brazil.
  • Product development for sealing and structural reinforcements continues with TRI-Seal, Continuous Composite Systems (CCS), and a new generation of structural foams.


  • L&L Products celebrates 60 years of innovation.


  • L&L™ Brazil begins manufacturing in a dedicated facility.
  • L&L™ extends its focus to the commercial vehicle market.
  • L&L™ India becomes solely owned by L&L Products


  • L&L™ enters aerospace distribution agreement with D.H. Sutherland.


  • L&L™ Czech Republic opens operations.


  • Development of room-temperature curing adhesives and sealants takes place.



  • L&L™ acquires DECI-TEX® technologies from Australia- based I.N.C. Corp. to expand its product line and customer base.


  • Joint venture was created with L&L India and begins manufacturing.


  • Increased sales and development focus is put on the Commercial Vehicle industry.
  • L&L Products Turkey is established and begins manufacturing.


  • L&L Products China is established and opens operations.


  • L&L Products Korea presence is established.


  • L&L™ enters the aerospace market and wins its first business. CORE Products becomes wholly owned and is renamed L&L Products® Europe.



  • Development of HOT Seals, high expandable sealants, takes place.
  • L&L™ focuses on its global reach by opening operations in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Poland.
  • CORE Products begins manufacturing in France and opens sales locations throughout Europe.
  • Structural foam applications gain market acceptance. Further focus on product development takes place while L&L™ emerges with structural foams, tapes, Composite Body Solutions (CBS), and eXtrude-In-Place (XiP) technology.


  • L&L™ molds its first CBS and nylon products.


  • L&L™ of Japan opens and L&L™ of Mexico opens, along with a new presence in Brazil.


  • L&L™ partners with Gurit-Essex, a Swiss company, and CORE Products now serves the European automotive industry.


  • Weld- through, structural tapes and structural foaming materials are developed.


  • Year 2020 Vision initiative progresses. Successful global collaboration increases across L&L™ organizations.
  • L&L™ offers its customers complete vehicle sealing with the development of high expandable products.



  • Development of sheet extrusion, and die-cutting take place.


  • L&L™ develops expandable rubber adhesives and increases investment in R&D as noise, vibration, and harshness become a priority for US automakers.


  • Investments in research & development increase with the construction of a dedicated facility to support material development in Romeo, MI.
  • L&L™ establishes its customer-responsive business model, working directly with customers to understand their problems and engineer customized solutions.



  • L&L™ begins its operations in Romeo, MI USA and expands its business with plastisol dipping
  • The use of crushable mastic washers for sealing automotive and gasket nuts become part of the business.


  • Bob Ligon & Gene Lane establish L&L Products, Inc.® to solve an automaker’s trim clip problem.