To Be a Good Place for All Who Touch It
To Be a Good Place for All Who Touch It


To Be a Good Place for All Who Touch It

L&L understands the importance of our people, values, and partnerships. See if L&L is right for you.

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Engineered Innovation.

Quality of Work, Products,
and Relationships

We believe that our people are our biggest asset. Passionate, enthusiastic, and competent employees are what make the L&L Products family a success and a great place to work. We invite you to explore open positions and apply.

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L&L helps to grow my abilities and aligns with my values.

Han-Na Choi

At L&L we truly believe that people are our primary asset. To move forward it is imperative that we not only empower our people, but also provide appropriate training for personal development and a good career path.

Our success is your success and results are shared among all. By operating a good reward and recognition policy, we maintain a high level of motivation and dedication so that our people are able to grow both individually and as a team.

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