The Solution Provider

The Solution Provider

L&L Products is your trusted partner for unique material formulations and engineering solutions.


L&L Acoustic

Innovative products for noise dampening

Our acoustic solutions encompass various material constructions capable of improving acoustic performance.

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L&L Bond

Advanced alternatives to traditional joining techniques

Using our unique expertise and experience with adhesion technology to meet current market needs with advanced bonding solutions.

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L&L Reinforce

Optimizing strength, stiffness and weight

Enabling lightweight but strong structural applications for both current and future-ready applications.

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L&L Seal

Robust sealing solutions for even the most complex cavities

In the 1970s, L&L Products developed heat-activated polymeric sealing materials that have been enhancing customers’ applications ever since.

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L&L Thermal

Optimized thermal insulation with tailor-made products

Efficient heat management solutions that help customers meet the latest emission, noise, fire resistance, and safety regulations.

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High performance, fiber-based cushioning solutions

Innovative cushioning material that outperforms traditional polyurethane foam in moisture management and breathability while maintaining resiliency.

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Composite Body Solutions™ (CBS™)

Innovative macro-composite technologies

Combining highly engineered heat activated structural adhesive material with a customized thermoplastic carrier to enable lightweight but strong structural applications.

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Continuous Composite Systems™ (CCS™)

Lightweight, ultra-high strength reinforcement

Achieving ultra-strong and lightweight body structures at a cost-competitive rate.

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Premium acoustic and thermal fiber-based technology

A fiber-based acoustic and thermal technology that yields a broad range of products, all being tunable for customer specific applications.

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Engineered Fiber Solutions™ (EFS™)

The highly engineered fiber-based technology for high-performing material needs

A customizable technology that is configured to suit a wide range of customer-specific acoustic, thermal, and thermo-acoustic applications.

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The game changer in ambient temperature cured products

The proprietary two-component ambient temperature curing technology with superior adhesion performance and processing ease.

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Advanced engineering thermoplastic adhesive

Combining superior adhesion with the processing characteristics of a thermoplastic, a composite structure can be easily and quickly consolidated.

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Sealing, isolation, and torque retention in one

Engineered to seal interfaces where faster load retention and/or separation of dissimilar materials are important.

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