The Solution Provider

The Solution Provider

L&L Products is your trusted partner for unique material formulations and engineering solutions.


Customized material science and engineering solutions

For more than 60 years, L&L Products has worked with customers to provide tailored solutions to challenges in sealing, acoustics, bonding, vibration management, thermal management and manufacturing process optimization.

Lighter, stronger and quieter products.

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Our Solutions

L&L Acoustic

Innovative products for noise suppression

Our acoustic solutions encompass various material constructions capable of improving acoustic performance.

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L&L Bond

Advanced alternatives to traditional joining techniques

Using our unique expertise and experience with adhesion technology to meet current market needs with advanced solutions.

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L&L Reinforce

Innovative macro-composite technologies

We are pioneers in the development, design, and manufacture of macro-composites.

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L&L Seal

Robust sealing solutions for even the most complex cavities

In the 1970s, L&L Products developed heat-activated polymeric sealing materials that have been enhancing customers’ applications ever since.

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L&L Thermal

Optimized thermal insulation with tailor-made products.

Efficient heat management solutions that help customers meet the latest emission, noise, fire resistance, and safety regulations.

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