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L&L Products Exhibiting at JEC 2022

L&L Products Exhibiting at JEC 2022

L&L Products is exhibiting at JEC World, the leading global trade show dedicated to composite materials, manufacturing technologies, and applications, taking place in Paris, France from May 3-5, 2022. Experts will be on-site at Booth R27, Hall 6 as well as online via the JEC world Connect platform.

L&L Products will present the following material solutions in the booth:



A proprietary two-component ambient curing technology line with superior adhesion performance, unprecedented processibility ease, while typically possessing no isocyanates or organic volatiles. One of PHASTER’s newest development technologies possesses the compressive strength, along with the adhesion and foaming behavior, to allow for structural repairs to be made providing value over other foam-in-place technologies.



An advanced engineering thermoplastic resin with excellent adhesive properties for ultimate performance and processability. T-Link™ does not require refrigeration or special handling and can be easily and quickly consolidated into a composite structure.


L&L Bond Ambient Curing Structural Adhesives

Novel two-component, fast-curing structural adhesives that exhibit low shrinkage for reduced rework on bonded structures and fast fixture times. The A-K Series is a range of high performance, ambient curing pumpable materials formulated to provide durable, high strength structural adhesive bonds to a wide variety of substrates with a peel resistance of 14 N/mm without sacrificing strength, elongation, or modulus. These products do not boil at higher bonding gaps – an ideal solution for repair or backfill of large composite structures.


Continuous Composite Systems™ (CCS™)

Continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials that can be used as a carrier when combined with our highly engineered sealants and/or structural adhesives. The system is designed to provide strength and rigidity to a lightweight structure.


L&L Reinforce L-9060 FST Aircraft Interior Edge and Core Filler Compound

Designed to meet vertical burn, smoke density, and toxicity regulations for aerospace and rail applications, our epoxy-based, high-performance interior adhesives have been developed to bond various substrates, including metal, thermoplastics, and composites. These two-component, toughened adhesives cure at room temperature and provide high-performance bonding.


L&L Seal

Our ambient curing, one-component sealants completely cure at room temperature and allow for direct adhesion to many substrates without primers or pretreatments, increasing productivity. The materials have a wide range of mechanical properties, from elastic sealants to creep-resistant elastic low-strength adhesives. L&L Ambient Curing Sealants are free of solvents, VOCs, and toxic isocyanates.


For more information on JEC World, contact Kristi Hanson, Marketing Specialist at [email protected] or for product release and availability information contact Andrea Smith, Global Market Communications Manager at [email protected]. For additional new product release information, visit the L&L Products website


About L&L Products

L&L Products is a technology-driven, family-owned business-to-business company, creating solutions for applications requiring static sealing, better acoustics, reduced vibration, structural reinforcement, and thermal management, while improving manufacturing process optimization. Today, L&L has over 1300 employees worldwide, locations in 16 countries, and 8 manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit



About JEC World

JEC World is the leading global trade show dedicated to composite materials, manufacturing technologies, and applications. JEC World is taking place in Paris, France and is expected to attract 1,350 exhibitors and more than 40,000 professional visits (on-site and online) from 112 countries. For information on the show, visit




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CCS Composite Tunnel Reinforcement

CCS profiles

L&L Reinforce - L-9060 - FST Aerospace Cartridge

L&L Reinforce - L-9060 - FST Aerospace

L&L Reinforce - L-9060 - FST Aerospace


T-Link Resin Pellets

T-Link Yarn



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