August 29, 2019 Romeo, Michigan

L&L Products Focuses on Advancing R&D Efforts Around Composites

L&L Products Focuses on Advancing R&D Efforts Around Composites

Romeo, Michigan, August 30, 2019 – L&L Products has been around for 60 years and has been contributing to the growth of the composite industry since inception. According to the ACMA website, the composite industry contributes $22.2 billion to the US economy. By 2022, the end-product market for composites is expected to reach $113.2 billion.

The composite industry is dynamic and creative, which why L&L Products puts a heavy focus on advancing research and development efforts around composites. With upwards of 100 scientists around the globe, 4 state-of-the-art R&D facilities, regular global innovation meetings, and a staff that is hands-on working with customers to deliver engineered solutions to problems, L&L Products is constantly developing new ways of:

  • bonding multi-materials together in an efficient and less wasteful way
  • structurally reinforcing structures while focusing on weight optimization
  • providing sealing solutions for improved performance and protection against unwanted entrants
  • improving acoustic performance

Some of the latest innovations that L&L has recently launched for the composite industry include:

  • L-9010: Composite Interior Core Splice Adhesive
  • A-K321 and A-K322: Two-Component, Fast Curing, Low Odour & Toughened Structural Adhesive
  • CCS: Continuous Composite Systems
  • L-F610: Thermoplastic epoxy adhesive film


For more information on how to work with L&L Products on composite solutions, contact L&L’s Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Andrea Smith, at [email protected]






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