L&L Products to Showcase Foam-In-Place Technology at the Foam Expo in Novi, Michigan

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Romeo, Michigan, March 18, 2019

L&L Products to Showcase Foam-In-Place Technology at the Foam Expo in Novi, Michigan

Romeo, Michigan, March 18, 2019 – L&L Products announced it will showcase its Foam-In-Place technology, XP-605*, at the Foam Expo show, Booth 526, on March 26-28, 2019 in Novi, Michigan.

L&L’s Foam-In-Place technology, XP-605, is a two-component room temperature cure activated epoxy product that has the ability to bond to a variety of substrates, including on vertical surfaces. XP-605 provides value over other foam-in-place technologies in that there are no isocyanates, volatiles, or other ingredients that pose chronic health concerns. L&L developed the epoxy curatives internally to enable this development

The two-component material is dispensed directly onto substrates. It then flows to fill surrounding gaps and conforms completely to the structure. The technology is desirable for many complex applications due to its adaptability. L&L’s team of scientists can customize the formulated product to adapt to application needs. The product’s stiffness, degree of expansion, application temperature range, and open time, are all tunable. The technology can either be dispensed manually or robotically.

Key Attributes of XP-605 include:

  • The ability to develop adhesion to a variety of substrates without surface preparation
  • Can be applied to vertical surfaces
  • Non-isocyanate containing
  • No volatiles
  • Naturally flame resistant
  • Improved cycle time
  • Can seal from the outside; protecting the surface from intrusion of dust, water, etc.
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Ability to maintain adhesion and protect substrates when exposed to salt spray and humidity conditions

To learn more about L&L’s new foam-in-place technology, visit booth 526 at the Foam Expo or contact Andrea Smith at [email protected]

*XP-605 is currently in final stages of development

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