May 11, 2023 Romeo, MI

L&L Products is saddened to share the passing of Co-Founder, Robert Ligon

L&L Products is saddened to share the passing of Co-Founder, Robert Ligon

Dear L&L Products Family,


We're saddened to share the passing of L&L Products' co-founder, Robert Ligon, on May 8, 2023. Mr. Ligon started L&L Products in 1958 with co-founder Gene Lane, was active in management until the late 1970s, and served on the board until the late 1990’s.  He continued to serve as an advisor and counselor to owners and managers as he saw the opportunity to contribute to the company he loved.

Over his almost 92 years, Mr. Ligon left a lasting positive impact on L&L Products employees globally and the communities the Company resides in. He is, in part, responsible for shaping our culture and instilling the values we live every day. In addition, with the continued generosity and emphasis on caring for one another, Mr. Ligon has left an unmatched legacy.

Mr. Ligon grew up in Almont, Michigan, and completed his military service shortly after graduating high school. He then went on to college, and following, he met back up with his high school friend Gene Lane to begin L&L Products.

We offer our greatest sympathy to all who are impacted by this tremendous loss.



The Family of Robert Ligon



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