May 28, 2019

L&L Products France is on track to nearly double in size in the next 3 years

L&L Products France is on track to nearly double in size in the next 3 years

L&L Products, an American company founded in 1958, has been located in Altorf near Molsheim since 1996. Managed by John Blancaneaux, President EMEA, it employs nearly 250 people in Alsace. L&L Products manufactures polymer parts for the automotive and aerospace industries.

The ADIRA accompanied the company during its establishment in Alsace in 1996 and in its development projects. To continue its growth and thanks to several future expansions, Altorf’s site will almost double in size in the next 3 years and at the same time generate new jobs.

L&L Products, world leader in the automotive subcontracting of polymer parts
L&L Products is a B2B company with unique expertise in the areas of static sealing, acoustics, vibration reduction, structural reinforcements and composites for automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicles, and other industrial applications. It moved to Altorf (which was in competition with Stuttgart in 1996) to get closer to European car manufacturers.

The company has all the in-house expertise to research and develop polymer formulation, characterize the technical properties of parts, design parts, and then industrialize in-house solutions. Very attentive to the specific needs of its customers, it offers component blends, extrusion, injection, and assembly know-how.

L&L Products is today a world leader in the manufacture of composite parts for the automotive sector that can contribute to both reducing the mass of vehicles while having properties comparable to metal parts traditionally used. The company has filed a hundred patents around this range of products.

The Altorf site has several certifications: ISO 9001 and 14001 but also IATF 16949 for the automobile and EN 9100 for the aeronautics.

Since Alsace, the company delivers just 650 points in Europe and around the world according to the expectations of the contractors.

Diversification underway for aeronautics and other industrial activities
L&L Products has developed a partnership with Airbus for 10 years. The aerospace manufacturer considers the company to be the leader in adhesive, reinforcement and acoustic materials that meet FST standards (Fire, Smoke, and Toxicity).

More recently, the company has completed its product line with multi-material assembly glues that are used by various industry sectors.

Special attention to teams and strong CSR values
Of the 250 employees of the local site, a third are engineers. The company has even invested to make available to several car manufacturers, engineers from L&L Products to be associated upstream with the creation of the models of vehicles and that they can propose polymer parts adapted to the expectations of the customers. This relationship of trust brings a great reactivity.

The company cultivates a friendly organization, a positive work atmosphere with possibilities of evolution. L&L Products works upstream with universities to attract young engineers and currently has 14 young people on pro and apprenticeship contracts.

In addition to the strong values of the group at an international level, L&L Products has decided to join in 2018 the 10 principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations related to the respect of human rights, the environment, international labor standards and the fight against corruption.

Ambitious investment projects accompanied by ADIRA
John Blancaneaux asked ADIRA for the company’s development projects. He appreciated the support provided by our agency as well as the mode of collaboration in all transparency.

The first extension of 1000 m² will be finalized in 2020 to create a new R & D center. The second phase of industrial investment will make it possible to internalize the currently outsourced injection and to centralize on-site logistics.

Finally, for employees, the company plans to build a new canteen.

The site currently covers 10,000 m² and the new buildings, built on land reserves that the company had anticipated, will spread over an area of ​​8,500 m². The investments amount to more than 10 million euros and will be finalized in 2021. These projects have received the support of the Greater East Region and will generate job creation in production, logistics and research and development.

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