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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We at L&L Products work together to achieve a common goal, “To be a good place for all who touch it, where quality of work, product, and relationships are a priority.” Additionally, our corporate values invite us to care for our surroundings even more: the planet, our employees, our business partners, and the communities where we operate.

Rather than simply laying down rules, L&L seeks to create a positive and proactive culture of sustainability. As in all areas of our activity, and in keeping with our common goal, L&L is open to ideas from all employees to help create and drive this effort. L&L already provides optimum support to a variety of projects, whether financially or by other means.

The success of this approach is reflected in the personal commitment of our employees.

We care. For the planet.

We are conscious of the effect our activities have on the environment. That’s why we aim to reduce our environmental footprint at all levels and help everyone in the organization to focus on practical actions.

See: LLP Corporate Environmental Policy

Besides reducing energy and water consumption, we focus on our entire supply chain to reduce our environmental impact. Our goal is to create better solutions using fewer resources. From product design and packaging to the transportation loops needed to distribute our products, every aspect of our workflow is considered from the perspective of sustainability.

L&L supports other activities inspired by input from our employees. For example, colleagues at L&L India in Pune have set up vegetable gardens on-site. In most regions, L&L supports employee efforts to reduce congestion and pollution by commuting in environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways, whether by shuttle, car-sharing, or public transportation.

Key targets:

  • Zero environmental incident
  • Zero waste

We care. For our people.

L&L firmly believes in the equitable treatment of all people. Additionally, we believe that fairness, cultural diversity, and equal opportunities help us grow as a community.


LLP Corporate Occupational Health & Safety Policy

LLP Anti-Retaliation Policy

LLP Employee Code of Ethics

We truly care about the wellbeing of everyone at L&L, which is why we have established a Health and Safety Policy encouraging every single employee to act in a safe and healthy way. We also sponsor the training of Safety Leaders in several countries.

L&L’s Employee Code of Ethics and its related policies define the company’s guidelines on acting with integrity. We maintain a strict anti-retaliation policy and encourage employees to speak up if they have questions or witness any concerning situation. Key staff members are trained for a variety of situations that may arise, such as conflicts of interest, gifts & hospitality, and treating people and business partners fairly and without discrimination.

Key target:

  • Zero accident in the workplace

We care. For our business partners.

We strongly value our business partners and believe that we all have a role to play in delivering high-quality solutions to our customers. That is why we select partners with similar ethical standards to our own.


LLP Corporate Sustainable Purchasing Policy

LLP Supplier Code of Conduct

L&L seeks to work alongside partners offering innovative products and who are open to working together to imagine and develop the products of tomorrow. In addition to fair purchasing conditions, we believe that respect for our partners involves working towards a strong relationship, acknowledging their intellectual property, and cooperating on continuous improvement.

We are firmly committed to upholding human rights, internationally recognized labor standards, and protection of the environment within our sphere of influence; and we strive to select suppliers who share these values. Our sustainability requirements are detailed in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Key suppliers are asked to provide a self-evaluation of their own performance in terms of corporate social responsibility.

We care. For our communities and the world.

We are always striving to make our employees’ communities and the locations where we are based better places.

For many years, we have supported schools and other educational institutions committed to promoting younger generations and providing opportunities for children & young adults, whether through scholarships or other targeted programs. We also support hands-on projects where employee volunteers help repair school furniture, provide library books, paint classroom walls, or renovate outdoor activity areas.

Two recently launched campaigns, Life Remodeled and Clean Road to India, aim to beautify our communities. Additionally, we appreciate it when our employees contribute their own ideas and are happy to support them.

Key projects:

  • L&L India donates to NGO Goonj to help create awareness around women’s health and sanitation – esp. provide sanitary napkins to women residing in small Indian villages.
  • Clean Road India
  • Life Remodeled in Detroit
  • School remodeling in Turkey
  • School remodeling and library creation in China
  • Run for NGO Action Against Hunger in France

For more details see our Communication on Progress.


L&L Products has been awarded a GOLD medal by EcoVadis in 2021 in recognition of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. This puts L&L Products in the top 5% of the companies in its industry. Thanks to the commitment of our employees and management, we have increased our score in all the assessed categories: Environment, Human Rights & Labor, Ethics, and Sustainable Purchasing.

Being part of something bigger

Our CSR efforts - towards our employees and our business partners - ultimately serve one overarching purpose: to make the world a better place for everyone. In 2018, we joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability initiative with more than 10,000 companies that endorse the Ten Principles. Each year, we publish our Communication On Progress to transparently show the areas where we improve.

Download our Communication on Progress here

2018 COP

2019 COP

2020 COP

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