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Offering robust sealing solutions for 50+ years

In the 1970s, we developed heat-activated polymeric sealing materials. Since then, we have worked consistently on optimizing our sealing technology. We have leveraged our polymer science and adhesion technology expertise and expanded our portfolio offerings, for example with room temperature-activated materials.

L&L Sealants offer variable solutions for even the most complex cavities

L&L XiP (eXtrude-in-Place) technology

Our XiP technology combines custom formulated chemistry with the capability of a fully automated application process. It involves extruding and applying an L&L formulation directly onto a substrate by robotic application.

XiP compatible materials offer good wash-off resistance. Beyond that, they are formulated to be dry-to-the-touch immediately after being extruded onto the substrate, which leads to improved handling and enables the customer to stack or nest several parts, resulting in minimized packaging costs.

L&L eXtrude-In-Place (XiP) — ideal for high precision applications

XiP (eXtrude-in-Place)
XiP (eXtrude-in-Place)
XiP (eXtrude-in-Place)
XiP (eXtrude-in-Place)

Heat-activated sealants

Our expanding sealants offer varying levels of expansion, density, and cell structure once heat is applied. Our sealing solutions allow for filling and sealing even the most complex cavities.

We offer a wide range of products meeting specific customer needs such as activation under various time-temperature profiles, adhesion to different types of substrates, and resistance to specific environmental exposure conditions.

    Heat activated sealants
    Heat activated sealants

    Sealing products may be supplied as:

    • Pressure-sensitive tapes
    • Injection-molded parts
    • Multi-component assemblies
    • Extruded profiles
    • May also be applied directly onto surface with the L&L XiP system

    L&L TRI-Seal (torque retention isolation sealing solutions)

    With TRI-Seal, we offer a special product for sealing interfaces where load retention and/or separation of dissimilar materials are important.

    This is achieved by rigid spheres that are introduced into expandable sealant materials, achieving torque retention through the clamping force between the substrates – ensuring isolation at material interfaces and optimum sealing against water, air, and dust.


    TRI-Seal is available as dry-to-the-touch and tacky seal variations, both ensuring maximum sealing coverage and anti-corrosion features.

    L-2806-S – expandable sealant material with embedded rigidspacers

    Room temperature curing sealants

    In addition to our heat-activated sealants, we broadened our offerings by providing a series of innovative one-component sealants that completely cure at room temperature. This group of products can be offered with an accelerator paste. The materials have a wide range of mechanical properties, from elastic sealants to creep-resistant elastic low-strength adhesives.

    L&L room temperature curing sealants are free of solvents, VOCs, and toxic isocyanates. Our sealants allow for direct adhesion to many substrates without primers or pretreatments.

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